We all lead busy lives today, most of us working longer hours. Building a carrier, looking after kids - or both, unusual working hours, ageing parents or a relative to take care of - all this reflects on our social lives. Sometimes the only thing we want to do after a long, exhausting day is to go straight to bed.

How do we fit shopping into our daily routine? Yes, of course, there is the online shopping, but how many times we happen to say: "Oh, I forgot again". And what about the narrow delivery slot we have to be there for, but simply can’t?

At Smart Services 24h we offer personal and business shopping and delivery. Our clients include:

  • Families with busy schedules with limited time for shopping
  • Elderly people who need help for shopping and other errands
  • People searching for that special present for their loved ones
  • Businesses – office supplies, corporate, client and employee gifts

Shopping Prices

£13-£17 per hour