Pet Care

Pet Care

Pets are family, that is what we believe at Smart Services 24h. They bring us joy and happiness, and have, more than once, comforted us through hard times. They so deserve our love, affection and care. And we do give them all that, but most of us are busy with work, carrier or kids, and can’t always fully pay attention to our pets.

We are always happy to help and take care of your loved four-legged.

When the dogs need to “go”, they really need to, and it’s best to have someone take them out for you, otherwise the mess is unavoidable. Cats on the other hand, would rather stay home instead.

We offer dog walking, cat sitting, feeding and cleaning services, provided by affectionate and loving pet carers.
Our staff is fully vetted and insured.

Pet Care Prices

£13-£16 per hour